Gmail Now Integrates With Google Drive – Take Note, Sharepoint

In GMail you can now share your Google Drive docs, up to 10GB. Casey Newton from CNet calls it sending attachments up to 10GB, but really you’re just sending a link to content that stays on Google Drive. This is a cool functionality, and one that has existed in SharePoint via the “Send To > Email a Link” function for some time.

The really cool feature that Google has added is the Smart Assistant technology: If you’re sending a link to a file on Google Drive and the recipient doesn’t have access, you’ll be prompted to give them access prior to the email being sent out. This is a great feature and one that I would definitely like to see in SharePoint. Permissions Management has always been cumbersome and difficult in SharePoint, particularly for end users. Having these kinds of seamless ‘helper’ functions embedded in SharePoint to avoid problems before they start is something I would love to see.


Everything is Miscellaneous

This is a Google Talk that David Weinberger gave in 2007. Although it’s almost 6 years old at this point, it’s still incredibly relevant – this is one talk I constantly bring up to users, particularly when talking about metadata in SharePoint. Having a flexible system to categorize and sort data is an imperative that most people overlook when they “just want a place to store stuff”. Storing your stuff is great, but being able to actually find and work with it is the ultimate goal.