Five Years of SharePoint

Recently I accepted a new positionĀ as a Software Development Manager, not working with SharePoint; this is an exciting new challenge for me, as I’ve been fully immersed in the technology for some time now. I started working with SharePoint at IBM 5 years ago, and since then I’ve worked with various deployments pretty much coast-to-coast… Continue reading Five Years of SharePoint

Why IT Can’t Own SharePoint (And Why Business Users Can’t Either)

Inside just about every organization that uses SharePoint, there’s a quietly seething war happening. No, it’s not between you and the person that keeps stealing your food from the fridge – but honestly, who does that? It’s between the SharePoint IT crowd and the business end users. Both sides think the other abuses SharePoint and… Continue reading Why IT Can’t Own SharePoint (And Why Business Users Can’t Either)

Don’t Start With SharePoint

A question SharePoint administrators are often asked is: “Can we make a [time entry system/ inventory tracking/ other application] in SharePoint?” The answer is usually: Yes. Absolutely. Maybe. Sorta. Hold on a second. Why Are We Making This In SharePoint? Usually the response to this is “We want to strategically leverage our existing investments in… Continue reading Don’t Start With SharePoint