SharePoint Admin to Cage Fighter

Boyd Sharpe, Former SharePoint Admin being punched in the face for Cubicle To The Cage
A day in the life of a SharePoint Admin. Photo:

My former colleague and good friend Boyd Sharpe is being featured in the spotlight of a new, 12 episode documentary TV series, “Cubicle to the Cage“, about everyday Joes (and Janes) who want to become mixed martial arts fighters.

I had the pleasure of working with Boyd when he was a SharePoint Administrator and later a Project Manager when I worked at HITS Nova Scotia. It was fascinating to see the training and dedication it takes to become a mixed martial artist.

Be sure to check out the show!

Everything is Miscellaneous

This is a Google Talk that David Weinberger gave in 2007. Although it’s almost 6 years old at this point, it’s still incredibly relevant – this is one talk I constantly bring up to users, particularly when talking about metadata in SharePoint. Having a flexible system to categorize and sort data is an imperative that most people overlook when they “just want a place to store stuff”. Storing your stuff is great, but being able to actually find and work with it is the ultimate goal.