Close All Open Items In Outlook

A small annoyance I have with Outlook is that it leaves all the messages you’ve opened as separate windows, cluttering up the screen. Luckily, Outlook has a “Close All Items” option. I added it to my quick access toolbar in Outlook to save time; here’s how:

  1. In the upper Left, click on “Customize The Quick Access Toolbar” dropdown, then click “More Commands…
  2. Now select the “Close All Items” command, and click “Add >>” Now click “Ok
  3. Huzzah! Instant screen de-clutterer button!

By Nik

Nik is a project manager and web technologist that enjoys solving peoples' problems through web technologies. When he isn't doing those things, he's lifting heavy things up and down repeatedly, and cooking with his 3 children, who are actively trying to eat all the ingredients.