How To Learn GMail Keyboard Shortcuts The Easy Way

I’m a big fan of using keyboard shortcuts in just about every application I use. It’s a huge time-saver when you can press a few keys and do exactly what you want, rather than having to constantly navigate through a user interface.

KeyRocket for Gmail popup
Why mouse around a UI when you can do what you want literally the click of a button?

That’s why I absolutely love theĀ KeyRocket for GMail. I spend quite a bit of time in GMail, probably as much as I spend in Outlook at my job, so knowing how to rip through my emails as efficiently as possible, reach Inbox Zero and have things sorted for my day is a must. KeyRocket helps train you on using keyboard shortcuts in GMail in an appealing, quiet manner. I’ve used similar applications before, but found they were obnoxious and unhelpful. Keyrocket simply makes a small, unobtrusive pop-up in the top right corner of the screen to let you know that – “Hey! That thing you just did has a keyboard shortcut, and here it is!”

If you’re into productivity and use GMail, I’d highly recommend KeyRocket for GMail.

By Nik

Nik is a project manager and web technologist that enjoys solving peoples' problems through web technologies. When he isn't doing those things, he's lifting heavy things up and down repeatedly, and cooking with his 3 children, who are actively trying to eat all the ingredients.